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Products I recommend or use


This site was built with Webflow, and having used Wordpress before, I'm super satisfied. The speed is fantastic in comparison and there's much more flexibility (compared to Wordpress' plugin model).

I did have some difficulties getting used to the designer - it is a tad technical - but luckily the (hilarious) Webflow University videos covered everything. If you're thinking of starting a site, you can learn more here.


ConvertKit is what I use to send emails. Main reason for choosing it? James Clear and other pro bloggers use it, so I figured it can't be that bad.

It's 100% free until you have 1000 subscribers, and after that the price is great for what you get (I've used MailChimp before and I feel it gets quite expensive if you experience decent growth). So if you'd like to have a look around ConvertKit and maybe open a free account to get a feel for how it works, you can do so here.