Jaakko Joutsenmeri

I write blog posts that make you say "Wow, I haven't thought about it that way"

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Jaakko 101

Life's big themes

Big, category-bending, life-altering ideas.

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Thinking and decision-making

How to make less stupid decisions.

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Making and selling

Creator economy, marketing, online income and productivity.

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Personal finance

Anti-consumerism, lifestyle design, financial freedom.

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Health and wellness

Enjoying life physically, mentally, spiritually.

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A brain dump of intriguing things I can't categorize elsewhere.

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Become smarter, one flashcard at a time

Mind Expander is a free tool I created that presents you with useful and under-the-radar intellectual concepts.

Each concept is explained briefly with examples. Guaranteed to teach you something new.

Mind Expander
Broaden your cognitive toolkit