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Level 1: Share it around

If you enjoy something on this site, you're free to shout it from the rooftops! This site is still in the very beginnings, so you would be the cool friend who discovers all the indie artists before they become popular ;)

Level 2: Clicky-clicky on some links

So some links on this site are affiliate links: if you end up buying or using something I recommend, I get a small cut (at no extra cost to you). Obviously, I wouldn't ask you to buy something for the sake of it - I'm rather anticonsumerist - but if you were planning to buy/use it anyway, I'd appreciate you taking the scenic route via a link on this site.

For example, I'm using ConvertKit and Webflow myself and do recommend you look into those. Or if you've been eyeing something on Amazon, I'll get a small % of anything you buy over the next 24h from clicking on this link (again, at no cost to you).

Level 3: Donate / buy from me

The previous options are free to you, so this is just next level.

I create digital products that may be of interest.

In terms of donations, I've got this Revolut thing (preferred), PayPal thing and Buy Me a Coffee thing. And I'm accepting Bitcoin at 3FW39VtCMnE6GsZKYBE9bJ5mG58z9jetUn

Anything would be so appreciated.

Thank you❤