Jaakko Järviniemi

Welcome and thanks for checking me out!
Jaakko Järviniemi is the name I was gifted, but I have given up on making people memorize the weirdly-many vowels.

Jaakko will do just fine!

I try to deliver surprises on meaningful things

A good blog post should tell you something you don't already know. So it should be surprising.

Optimally, this surprise is also useful to you. I could surprise you with a weird fact about bed bugs but it would barely make a difference in your life. So I try to write about the big categories in life (those on the homepage).

That being said, I write for myself. That's a young white male - so if something sounds off to you, I'd gladly hear about it and expand my worldview.

And yes. I'm young. Who am I to write about life?

Firstly, I've got a 100% success rate at living.

Secondly, I do my research and experimentation like anyone. Often, the post addresses a problem I've had in my life, I figured out a solution, then share it.

In any case, each post aims to be as actionable as possible, something I personally come back to often and hope you'll find that same urge.

I'm always learning, so school me or reach out whenever

The best way to know me is to read what I write (and being Finnish, I most definitely feel uncomfortable talking about myself... please move on, for example, to this list of ideas that underpin my worldview).

But if you're still here to learn about whoever is writing all this stuff, here's my LinkedIn and Twitter and Gumroad.

I'd love to hear and learn from you, so feel free to DM me or shoot me an email at jaakko@jaakkoj.com

While you're here, could I tempt you with an email update whenever I make a new post? Delivered with awkward Finnish humor, naturally.