Personal finance

The goal of thinking about personal finance is to, one day, have the privilege of not needing to think about personal finance.

Perhaps the most potent way to achieve this goal is a method called FIRE.

FIRE (financial independence, retire early) is about living on less, earning more, and investing the difference (usually on low-cost ETFs or indexes), to live exclusively or mostly on the interest your investments generate passively.

If you’re familiar with FIRE, I know what you’re thinking: “Great, another blogger recycling the same stuff Mr. Money Mustache said 10 years ago”.

While there’s some unavoidable overlap, I’m going to bring in ideas from marketing, anti-consumerism, anti-mimeticism (is that a word?), online entrepreneurship and more to explain how you can become financially free in the shortest time.

And yes, money isn’t everything. But you need a certain level of financial security to focus on health and wellness.

I personally don’t find tickers or company news interesting, so I take a very hands-off, systematic way to investing. And a similarly systematic approach to increasing my income and cutting costs.

Posts in this category will outline all of that and anything else I find meaningful regarding personal finance, so if you’d like to take better control over your finances, stay tuned.