Thinking and decision-making

How do you know that someone’s into business?

They write about mental models. (You also get points if you guessed “They quote Charlie Munger”)

I agree that everyone should study mental models, but this isn’t the best blog for that - Farnam Street’s intro and Julian’s field guide are what I recommend.

In my thinking and decision-making posts, I build on those mental models but try to expand the map vs sharing what others already know.

In practice that means going deep into topics that I feel aren’t covered in superb depth yet, like:

Or asking (or stealing) insightful questions and putting my two brain cells to work, like:

  • What mainstream things will feel bizarre in 50 years?
  • What’s an idea that, once you hear about it, you see everywhere?
  • What common knowledge is actually negative in value? Or what does everyone think is true but actually isn't?

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