Prime number maze


Rats in a maze can be taught to turn every other time to left, or every third, or on even numbers etc. But you cannot train them to turn based on prime numbers. It's too abstract for them, the concept of prime numbers cannot be taught to a rat.

There can be a very clear, logical, simple rule to get out of the maze, and with just a bit more cognitive ability, the rat could follow it. Or at least it could be taught to follow it. But it is doomed stuck in the maze, for this particular idea is outside its conceptual range.

Likewise, what are the very clear patterns that keep us humans trapped in a maze? How could we acquire just a bit more awareness, a bit more perspective to see the simple escape from the mazes we are in?

Big revelations seem simple in hindsight, once you have developed the cognitive ability, once you have cracked the pattern. Much of life advice passed on by the elderly seems very simple to them, but often this advice is not followed by the young, for they do not see the pattern the elderly do - they only receive the words. Only via experience - via first-hand observation of the pattern - can much be learnt. But can the knowledge, the awareness nevertheless be sped up? Can you twist and turn, explore the maze, look through it with new eyes and metaphors, until you crack the pattern? And once you do, can you explain it with such simplicity that others become aware of the pattern, too?

“Once you see the boundaries of your environment, they are no longer the boundaries of your environment.”

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