Marks of a generalist

I like people watching. Some signs that have proven reliable of a person's incredible knowledge or skill.

They can:

  • Pick up any book in the library and not be intimidated to read it
  • Grab any ingredient from the store and understand what to make of it
  • See any movement one can do with their body and have a good attempt at replicating it
  • Look at any item, appliance, infrastructure in your house and understand how they work, and how to fix them if something goes wrong
  • Look at any plant, bird, tree, bug or animal in your surrounding and understand their behavior, and role in the ecosystem 
  • Walk for an hour around your town/surroundings and be able to narrate your environment interestingly enough to keep a tourist engaged
  • For any action, have the skillset to do it without electricity or modern inventions
  • Every word said or written, weighted and carefully considered

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