The mind wants to stay occupied like the stomach wants to stay full

If you’ve tried intermittent fasting, you’ve noticed a key revelation about the human body: you don’t always have to give it what it wants. In fact, all the benefits come when you don’t succumb to hunger.

The mind, too, always wants to be full. TV on for background noise, music to distract you from the boring chores. When you’re not physically stimulating your brain, your mind is still occupied with thoughts of the past, or stress of the future. We can’t seem to tame our mind’s hunger.

Just like you shouldn’t give your stomach everything it wants, you shouldn’t always listen to your mind’s demands. A peaceful mind is what you’re aiming for, not a busy mind. Most moments of happiness are simply moments of being unoccupied; when you forget the time, forget to think, even forget you’re a human being.

You wouldn’t want to live with a constantly full stomach, why live with a constantly full mind?

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