Micro-doses aren’t enough

There’s something funny about house plants and paintings depicting nature. Instead of living close to nature, we try to bring micro-doses of it to us, hoping it’s enough to keep the feelings of being out-of-place away.

Then we have micro-doses of exercise. Why not just have an active lifestyle instead? 

Some stay mostly indoors the whole year, then during vacation they bathe for hours in the sun. Leads to opposite health implications vs being outdoors throughout the year.

There are many problems with micro-dosing (for example, lack of variation), but I especially urge you to notice when you’re pursuing the micro-dose instead of the full thing. Many use their regular 3-hours-a-week gym routine as an excuse for being lethargic for the other 165 hours. 

A micro-dose isn’t the same as the full thing, just in smaller size. Dose, frequency & scale change things. A micro-dose is an entirely different breed, far inferior, so don’t fool yourself by thinking it’s enough.

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